Brain Body Potential


Modes are ‘required regression points’ before major jumps in brain integration and recalibration. It can be quite noticeable for some children/individuals and for others not so.

During NeuroAbilitation protocols we encourage the brain to correct its own ‘faults’ or heal itself. The corrected brain then starts outputting ‘correct’ skills. It is learning and displaying new patterns. Now this is the exciting part!

The MODE can seemingly be quite scary. After all the learning and new skills, the child/individual might go through a period of neural pruning and new pathway cementing. This looks like the child/individual forgot everything! Scary! Well, it can be, if you are unaware of the MODE principle!

What can be done?


After the MODE there is always a massive jump in the skillsets!

Focus on the relationship with your child and not the immediate results, and do not try to rush the recovery!

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