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The NeuroAbilitation method was initially created to support children with neurological challenges.  It can, however, be used for all learners, including adults and it is widely applicable beyond motor learning to all learning and teaching.

NeuroAbilitation techniques facilitate learning by identifying the skill base in motor, speech and play, and the skill repertoire of the child/individual.

We look at the child/individual and see what they can do and how it is delivered, the way they plan and execute skills.  Referencing all these critical components will give the NeuroAbilitation specialist the perfect picture of the child/individual – baseline skills, way of learning and the way of delivering skills, the specialist will identify the root problem and create the perfect developmental blueprint program. 

NeuroAbilitation is a method utilising all systems that are involved in creating and recreating neurological blueprints which can expedite the Brain and Body learning/healing/recalibration process, thus for children/individuals reducing the impact of neurological conditions such as developmental delays, ‘clumsiness’, dyspraxia, cerebral palsy, autism, and chromosomal abnormalities. 

For adults NeuroAbilition supports the recalibration of default patterns, such as chronic pain, spinal distortions, trauma stored in the body and faulty brain maps. 


Zsuzsanna Molnar -Founder

Child Development Coach- ‘(Reh)Abilitation’ Specialist- Trainer- Teacher – Connected Play Facilitator- Thinker- Community Builder

Holding a Bachelor of Education and Conducive Education (Rehabilitation Specialist) as well as holding current qualifications in Neurodevelopment Therapy and Hypnotherapy, Zsuzsanna has a wealth of knowledge and experience to best guide you and your beautiful children.

Her experience derived from 30 years of study, work and research into neuroplasticity, neuroinflammation, motor learning and child development,  lead her to develop NeuroAbilitation, a multi-faceted approach to helping children and adults who have neurological issues or developmental delays to explore, restore and connect functionality. 

Zsuzsanna pioneered NeuroAbilitation – which is now available as a training module and as a method to expedite the development of children. 

She draws on the passion of her own experiences as a mother with a child who had neurological challenges.


 I was invited to Australia in 1997 to oversee and develop educational rehabilitation programs for the Department of Education of South Australia. With 30 years of experience and studies, I have helped hundreds of children with all kinds of developmental challenges – speech, mobility, and socialising issues.

I was fortunate to see many children who improved vastly on the initial diagnosis (like developmental delay) and others who’s diagnosis was downgraded. The quality-of-life children and families can experience improves dramatically due to targeted support.

In 2001, The Foundation for Young Australians recognised my work, and I was awarded an Individual Achievers Grant. I used the grant to start a screening program for babies and toddlers who were at risk of developmental issues – now it is known as the Better Start Better Future Program.

I use methods and techniques that are unique, successful and expedite development. I proudly call this method NeuroAbilitation. XX Zsuzsanna 

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